Tinder Pick Up Lines – Some of the best of Tinder according to Ellen

We’ve all been there weather we like to admit it or not.  Tinder, Bumble whatever, we have all tried our luck in the internet dating scene and therefore most likely we all have some truly awful experiences.  And if you find yourself still rolling the dice on apps like Tinder and Plenty Fish then there is one skill you must master, pick up lines.  Opening with quality tinder pick up lines is crucial.Tinder Pick Up Lines



Yet, usually this is the most difficult thing about tinder and other dating apps.  Hooray you’ve finally matched with a cutie but now what.  Messaging over the phone gives us so much more time to over think such a short moment or phrase.  Too much time usually and we often blow the opportunity.  But every once in a while a moment  of true creativity and whit overcomes us.  We are able to conjure tinder pick up lines that could lasso the most aggressive left swipers in the game.

But these moments of clarity don’t come around nearly enough.  We need a life hack to regurgitate these tinder pick up lines at will.  Which is why we have compiled this list of amazing and terrible tinder pick up lines.  The catch is, we have them all mixed in to one list so we’ll let you be the judge.  Good Luck!Tinder Pick Up Lines

  1. “Are you the SAT? Because I’d do you for 3 hours and 45 mins with a ten minute break in the middle for snacks”
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  3. tinder pick up lines
  4. tinder pick up lines
  5. tinder pick up lines
  6. tinder pick up lines
  7. tinder pick up lines
  8. tinder pick up lines
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  10. tinder pick up lines
  11. tinder pick up lines
  12. And if you’re just looking for a soulmate then just use this:


Best Tinder Pick Up Lines

Or if you need some help trying to figure out which tinder pick up lines not to use, then use Ellen as your pick up line compass.

Ellen discussing Tinder Pick Up Lines:

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