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How to Grow Marijuana in 5 Minutes

Ever wanted to know how to grow Marijuana?  Maybe you’re sick of paying inflating prices or maybe you just want to experiment with your own seeds.  Whatever the reason might be, growing weed for the first time can be a truly daunting task.

Below are a few helpful tips and tricks

How To Grow Marijuana in 5 Minutes:


However, with Colorado already legalizing marijuana and California soon to follow it is inevitable more and more people will start looking for ways to make their own.  Many of the instructions online can be lengthy and confusing therefore many people get frustrated and give up.  Luckily there is a brief concise video that explains exactly how to How to Grow Marijuana in 5 Minutes above.

How to grow marijuanaNow that you have all the know-how, what about the equipment?  Learning how to grow marijuana is useless without the tools to do so.  Cue Amazon! There are some great Grow Kits now that you can buy from a handful of online sellers.  Although some can be pretty expensive, there are some online guides about how to make your own weed kits.

Now that you have the weed know-how and the equipment make sure you are operating within your state’s laws.  The rules about marijuana are changing rapidly and it can be hard to keep track of what is legal where.  Thankfully, there are plenty of resources online to show you what is legal where.  The map below can be found on along with additional helpful information.

Finally, you need to practice. You are sure you are operating within the law and you’ve got your equipment, and you’ve got your step-by-step guide about how to grow marijuana so it’s time to practice!  Practice, practice, practice.  The only way to figure out what you like or to perfect your craft is to try out new things.  Most of all keep researching and testing out new tips in tricks on your weed recipes and share what works and what doesn’t in the comments!

Marijuana Map