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Tinder Pick up lines

Tinder Pick Up Lines – Some of the best of Tinder according to Ellen

March 29, 2017 no comments Life Hacks, Lists

We’ve all been there weather we like to admit it or not.  Tinder, Bumble whatever, we have all tried our luck in the internet dating scene and therefore most likely we all have some truly awful experiences.  And if you find yourself still rolling the dice on apps like Tinder and Plenty Fish then there […]

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Pencil Sketch – Learn how to draw two-point perspective easy with a rubber band

March 27, 2017 no comments How To, Life Hacks

Ever wanted to be able to learn hot to draw cool 3D images but don’t know where to start?  Some people need to mock up an idea quick, need a new logo or just want to be able to make cool art.  But creating your own 3 dimensional images from scratch can be a daunting task […]

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How to Find Cheap Hotels Near Me or Anywhere

March 24, 2017 no comments How To, Life Hacks, Travel

Ever needed a hotel in your area quick and tried to search “cheap hotels near me” to no avail?  With Spring Break season already here and summer season just around the corner, you may soon be in search of a hotel.  Unfortunately, so is everyone else.  Luckily for you, websites like Priceline let you negotiate your […]

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How to grow marijuana weed

How to Grow Marijuana in 5 Minutes

March 21, 2017 no comments How To, Life Hacks

Ever wanted to know how to grow Marijuana?  Maybe you’re sick of paying inflating prices or maybe you just want to experiment with your own seeds.  Whatever the reason might be, growing weed for the first time can be a truly daunting task. Below are a few helpful tips and tricks How To Grow Marijuana in […]

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Cake Knife

Cake Knife and Cake Server all-in-one

March 18, 2017 no comments Life Hacks, Product Spotlight

We all love cake and pie and if you are reading this and you don’t please seek help.  The main problem though is cutting it and then having to share it.  A good cake knife can be very fancy and expensive but ultimately just cuts the cake.  You still need to try to decide how […]

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save soap

24 Top Life Hacks and Ideas

March 12, 2017 no comments Life Hacks

I know I know, here is another top whatever-the-hell list of life hacks.  I know you’ve probably seen hundreds at this point and we understand some are terrible.  I mean how is putting popcorn in the hood of your sweatshirt a life hack? It’s not, it’s just weird, please don’t do that. (hooray, I have […]

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hamburger bread slices

First World Problem Top 10

March 9, 2017 no comments First World Problems

While it’s true that everyone has a bad day from time to time. The small frustrations of life we call a first world problem can sometimes get the better of you. But, remember, it’s not the end of the world.   Unless it’s one of the following, then you may as well just give up.  I […]

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Tangled earbuds

Tangled Headphones

March 9, 2017 one comment First World Problems, Life Hacks

It’s a mystery that still baffles us to this day; tangled headphones – How do headphones manage to tangle themselves up when they are left to their own devices? Whether you leave them in your pocket, your bag or in the top drawer of your bedside cabinet, these little devils will always find a way […]

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Free Apple Music

How to get Free Apple Music for 6-Months

March 7, 2017 no comments Life Hacks

For those of you who only use Spotify or Tidal, you may want to consider putting those apps to the side (at least for a few months).  Apple music may have some limitations but matches up pretty well with similar services in many areas.  Plus, when you’re getting free Apple Music for 6 months, it’s […]

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Brondell Swash Bidet Toilet Seat

Brondell Bidet Toilet Seat: Is It a Gimmick or Genuinely Useful?

March 6, 2017 no comments Product Reviews

For the vast majority of Americans, especially the ones who have never ventured outside of their home country, the thought of a mini-shower for your nether regions after a trip to the bathroom is both mind-boggling and cringe-worthy at the same time. The thought of showering your behind every ti me nature calls is completely […]

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