Dorm Checklist Boutique

Looking to re-up on some school supplies?  Well unfortunately for you, it’s still technically winter and most stores aren’t carrying a lot of their seasonal back to school supplies.  This is your first world problem.  You are forced to buy boring, out-dated, monochromatic office supplies.  Why have you forsaken me, God? Fortunately for you, Jingwen Cao has a Boutique on Amazon, Dorm Checklist, that has everything you are looking for.  Our prayers have been answered.  You probably didn’t even know Amazon had “Boutiques”, did you?

Here are some items from the Dorm Checklist:

Softie Grip Grass

Softie Grip Grass Pen Holder dorm checklist

An elegant alternative to a pen cup.  The softie grip grass can hold several pens, pencils, and other school and office supplies.  It is made up of 78 grains of flexible silicone grip grass that are ready to hold everything you toss its way.  Comes in aqua, hope you are okay with that.

Submarino Porcelain Bathroom Accessory Set

Porcelain Bathroom Accessory dorm checklist

This Bathroom counter container is a cute compact option to hold all your bathroom essentials in one place.  It comes in several colors and can pull apart as needed.  One of the handier products on the Dorm Checklist.

Desktop Madness Series Stop Hand Bookends

Hand Bookends dorm checklist

I know you probably don’t own any books and all your reading is done on Facebook but in the off chance you have a couple picture books or need a way to store your textbooks for class these bookends are a cool, semi-eerie solution.  But, again, if you’re like me they just always will look like they are high-fiving.

So there you have it.  A brief recap on the Dorm Checklist one of the more useful and practical boutiques on Amazon.  The perfect place for you to go spend all that extra money you have after tuition, rent, textbooks, alcohol and drugs.  Oh and don’t forget to eat!



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