About Us

Tangled Up Headphones is a website devoted to sharing and solving all of the world’s most trivial issues.  Better known as First World Problems.

We take pride in finding all of the most inconsequential first world problems, no matter how innocuous.  The ones that just seem to make our lives unbearable.  Like slightly over toasting your bread.  Or waking up two minutes before your alarm.  But we don’t just stop there, oh no.  We solve them!  That’s right, here at Tangled Up Headphones we go to great lengths to solve some of the toughest first world problems.  We scour the internet for products, articles, forum links, life hacks and other more.  No problem too small, no whine too loud!

We do receive a small commission for product referrals for some of the products listed on the site. However, our main focus for posting any product on Tangled Up Headphones is to rid the world of first world problems. Many of the products, links, and articles posted on our site we receive no compensation.  Nor do we directly carry or sell any products.

We hope this site can help you solve your first world problems. If not please share yours and we will get working on a solution ASAP!… or right after we restart our modem.

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