Cake Knife and Cake Server all-in-one

We all love cake and pie and if you are reading this and you don’t please seek help.  The main problem though is cutting it and then having to share it.  A good cake knife can be very fancy and expensive but ultimately just cuts the cake.  You still need to try to decide how big a piece you


are going to share and then still you have to manage to transfer the cake from the serving tray to a plate.  This process can quickly become very messy, especially with softer cakes.
Luckily, there is a new all-in-one cake knife and server that can literally do it all.  Finally, you can quickly cut nice and even slices, no one gets to complain about getting a smaller piece.  And if you’re anything like me you too need help with portion control around the sweets.  Now you can consider that problem solved. Not only will you get more even servings you will get them twice as fast.  This is crucial, especially around the holidays.

See the Cake Knife and Server in Action:

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